How do I begin a conversation with The Foundation?

Upon reviewing our Current Strategies, if your program is in alignment with these priorities, you are welcome to submit a brief letter of inquiry through our website. 

Is there a deadline to submit a letter of inquiry?

Please note The Foundation’s fiscal year end is October 31. There is no specific time frame in which to submit a letter of inquiry.

What happens after I submit a letter of inquiry?

The background letter is reviewed by Foundation staff and they will contact you regarding the status of your inquiry. The entire proposal review process will take a minimum of three months and organizations are encouraged to consider the timing of their request.

How much does the Foundation give away each year?

In recent years, annual charitable grants have totaled $6.5 million to more than 50 organizations.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

The Foundation accepts letters of inquiry from organizations in the continental United States.

Does the Foundation support capital projects?

The Foundation has supported capital projects in the past, but is not currently accepting letters of inquiry for new capital projects.

Does the Foundation support STEM initiatives?

Yes, the Foundation supports schools that are strengthening their science and engineering programs within the framework of a liberal arts curriculum. However, the Foundation does not support the purchase of computers or other technology equipment.

Is there a specific range for dollar amounts awarded for grants?

The Foundation awards grants of varying sizes depending on the specific project being funded. The average grant size is $100,000.

Does the Foundation support after-school programs?

The Foundation prioritizes support to charter and faith-based schools utilizing an extended day and extended year school model.

Does the Foundation give grants to individuals?

Grants are given to organizations with 501(c)3 status, not individuals. Funding Limitations describe the restrictions on the types of organizations that we do not fund.